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Cultural Center Garden

The Cultural Center Garden is the first garden created under the FSP, and is directly adjacent to the Owens Valley Paiute-Shoshone Cultural Center on the Bishop Reservation. It is .5 acres, has over 50 growing beds of plants and vegetables, including a medicinal plant garden with ceremonial circle, family demonstration plots, student plots, and a recycled/live fence. It is also the site of FSP's Earthen Seed House.


Elders Garden

Located on 1 acre adjacent to the Elders Program Building and Bishop Creek, this garden has 2 hoop houses, an aquaponics greenhouse, plant nursery, fruit trees, Elders CSA growing beds and egg layer chickens.


Traditional Foods Garden

2 traditional food gardens are being established in the 25-acre EMO-managed Conservation Open Space Area (COSA). The gardens will utilize Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and provide a multi-generational gathering and learning space centered around traditional food customs. Food garden plants will include nahavita (wild hyacinth or Dichelostemma capitatum), w├╝yauiha (elder flower or Sambucus nigra), and wogoina (Ribes spp.).


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