• Earthen Building - Foundations
  • Earthen Building Materials
  • Earthen Building Workshop
  • Team Effort for Earthen Building
  • Progress in Building the Seed House
  • Seed Keepers Workshop
  • Dill Seed Saving
  • Seed Keepers Workshop
  • Seed Keepers Workshop
  • Saving Tomato Seeds
  • Seeds and Jams
  • Soil Builder Seed Mix
  • Seed Keeping
  • Collecting Seeds
  • Natural Dye Workshop Yarns
  • Nat Dye Fabric
  • Dyers Chamomile
  • Natural Dye Workshop
  • Canning Tomatos
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Several workshops are hosted by FSP year round, and are open to the public at no cost. Workshops focus on key topics within food growing systems and cover the material from a few hours to over a weekend. Past workshops have included: Seed saving, earthen structure building, which led to the successful construction of the Earthen Seed House, permaculture certification, thermophilic composting, fruit tree pruning, and medicinal plant usage.