• Earthen Building - Foundations
  • Earthen Building Materials
  • Earthen Building Workshop
  • Team Effort for Earthen Building
  • Progress in Building the Seed House
  • Seed Keepers Workshop
  • Dill Seed Saving
  • Seed Keepers Workshop
  • Seed Keepers Workshop
  • Saving Tomato Seeds
  • Seeds and Jams
  • Soil Builder Seed Mix
  • Seed Keeping
  • Collecting Seeds
  • Natural Dye Workshop Yarns
  • Nat Dye Fabric
  • Dyers Chamomile
  • Natural Dye Workshop
  • Canning Tomatos
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Past workshops have included: Permaculture/organic/broadacre planting, seed saving, earthen structure building, which led to the successful construction of the Earthen Seed House, permaculture certification, thermophilic composting, fruit tree pruning, and medicinal plant usage.