Conservation Open Space Area

The Tribe has 25 acres of wetlands known as the Conservation Open Space Area (COSA). Within the COSA, a half mile of trail has been created for the public to enjoy. Below is a map of the COSA, including gates, footpaths, entrances, and sections.


The COSA's walking map, posted at each of the six entrances to the COSA, where each of the kiosks marked on this map are.



Bishop Paiute Tribe Irrigation

The Tribe has an irrigation system that is divided into "lines." These lines run from West to East. The lines are supplied water from North and South Fork Bishop Creeks. Below is the 2017 map of the Bishop Paiute Tribe irrigation system.



Mosquito Breeding Areas

The Bishop Paiute Tribe is monitored by the Natural Resources Department to identify mosquito breeding areas. These areas can be created from irrigation, stagnant water, kid pools, car tires and more. Click here to view a map of known areas of stagnant water.